The 411

In his own words, "Music is my passion, and the saxophone is my voice, and with that voice I hope to create music that creates positive vibes, and emotions.

As a solo artist, It's important to be honest with myself and make music that really resonates with me. No fear, or doubt, as we creative's often do, but to just be my true authentic self.

Creating an original soundtrack from all my life's experiences... the joy, pain, the love and the loss." 

In order to understand how he got to where he is, one must go back to the beginning. 

"I started playing saxophone at age 11, and by age 12 I was already in my family's band playing clubs and parties. I continued playing throughout high school and attended the University of Northern Colorado to study jazz performance. After college, I moved to Oakland California and played in the local music scene before moving to Texas where I currently reside. Once in Texas my recording career really took off. I was fortunate enough to work with, and eventually become the "1st Call" saxophonist for, 14x GRAMMY AWARD winning producer Gilbert Valasquez. 

I’m heavily influenced by 70’s & 80’s Jazz, HipHop, and R&B, and I believe my music reflects that. I aim to capture an analog sound in a digital world using warm synths, vintage electric pianos, turntable samples, and live instrumentation."  

Valentino has served up some funky horn on a few of the baddest musical performances ever played for artists like Snoop Dogg, Dave Chapelle, Kim Burrell, Calle 13, Kumbia Kings, Frederic Yonnet, Tamala Mann, Fred Hammond, DayStar Television, and so many more. 

But his best is yet to come.