Butter Scotch

“ButterScotch” is the smooth, and soulful new single by Valentino Maltos 
(by José Rosario, President, Latin Groove Music International, former  VP, Sony Records)

The new release by acclaimed Jazz sax master VALENTINO MALTOS is as delicious, smooth, sweet, and sexy as its title implies—“ButterScotch.” Valentino’s sax groove is a smooth, slow seduction, enriched with the sensual vocals by MarQell and Mariah Jasmine.  The wealth of musicianship in this wonderful single includes the participation of Armando Aussenac on drums, Allen Golden, Jr. on bass, Chris Villanueva on the Rhodes, Lio Saenz III on guitars, and Patrick Wright on organ, all renowned and highly experienced musicians. 

This is the type of Jazz song that invites not only fans of great jazz music, but also crosses over into the tastes of contemporary pop.  Its beautiful mix of classic and contemporary jazz hints at some of the greats in the genre and makes it the perfect soundtrack for our present experience.   

Composed, arranged, produced, and recorded smack in the middle of the Covid - 19 crisis, VALENTINO MALTOS’ new single,“ButterScotch” stands not only as an amazing musical feat, but also as a wonderful gift to music fans today.   

If you have not been captivated by a VALENTINO MALTOS performance before, “ButterScotch” is the perfect opportunity to meet this contemporary Jazz master.  Serve yourself a good drink, press play, lie back and enjoy the smooth, sweet, and sexy “ButterScotch!”                                        

Song Title: ButterScotch 
Time:  4:26 
Artist:  Valentino Maltos   
Produced & Arranged: Valentino Maltos 
Lyrics: Mark Ledesma 
Publisher: Ro'Runnerz Music BMI 
Label: RadioStar  Records

Saxes & Synths: Valentino Maltos 
Drums: Armando Aussenac 
Bass: Allen Golden Jr. 
Rhodes: Chris Villanueva 
Guitar: Lio Saenz III 
Organ: Patrick Wright 
Vocals: MarQell 
Vocals: Mariah Jasmine 
Mixed & Mastered: Rico Gonzales

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